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Advanced Residential Technologies (Tas) were founded in 2001.  As a professional and personal team, we aim to bring Audio, Video, Automation & Lifestyle products into your home which are simplistic yet state of the art in every way.

With a hands-on 'Custom Install' approach, A.R.T will help you choose  the right components,  design and improve your listening areas - from carpet to cabinetry, and most importantly, install and set up your system, ensuring that you get the best sound and the best picture in your home and work place.

In the past, different companies/trades would each install their own product leading to an end result that is neither integrated, neat or easy to use.  

Using our expertise eliminates this problem as  our projects are designed to bring together audio, video, lighting control, shade control, climate control, security, surveillance, networking, cabling, installation & most of all, simplicity of control.

Bring your home & work place into todays technology with A.R.T..


We are a Launceston based company servicing the whole of Tasmania.

To make a time to discuss how we can help you, fill in the form below or alternatively you can call us on 0438 680 489.


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